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Thursday, December 3, 2009
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Blaming Crow

(In response to Dustin Volz’s Tuesday column, “Crow’s work deserves more than squawks.”)

It would be extremely juvenile to state that Michael Crow should not be hated.
Let me share an interesting anecdote that occurred my freshman year. On my very first day of class, around lunchtime, I decided to venture into the Memorial Union. After carefully navigating my way through the large crowds, I finally found my destination, Chick-fil-A. So without hesitation I joined the line, got my six-piece chicken dinner, paid for it and sat down.

To my dismay, I opened my six-piece box of that sultry golden food of the gods, only to see five pieces. I proclaimed to God Almighty that Michael Crow had wronged me, and cursed the very ground he resided over. It was clearly his fault that I had been wronged. I need not explain the logic or reasoning behind this thought process of mine, but nonetheless, this rational conclusion is shared among many of my fellow ASUrians.
The truth is that somebody is needed to take the blame for the atrocities that are committed against us. Who else than the president, who most likely doesn’t even have a birth certificate to prove he’s actually an American citizen, is responsible? Everyone knows that Michael Crow has his invisible hand in everything that occurs at ASU. You ask us why there is such disdain for our so-called “president.”

It is because he is solely responsible for everything that has gone wrong, will go wrong or can go wrong at ASU for the rest of my college career here. Sure, I could take some personal responsibility and blame myself for crap that happens, but come on, that would be way too insightful and mature.

It’s easier and a lot better for me to just act stupid and keep playing the blame game. I also blame my stupidity and any spelling errors on Michael Crow as well.

Ryan Sanders