The bizarre supersedes the law

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Monday, July 28, 2008
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I love If it’s not news, it’s bound to be there. What I love about the site is it provides me a window to dozens of stories each day of a nonsensical, hilarious and outright bizarre nature.

One particular story came out of an Australian newspaper this past week about a 48-year-old Tasmanian man who was caught with some illegal pornography. The work ranged from child pornography to bestiality pictures with dogs, ponies, snakes and tigers — in total around 31,000 images.

The one that took the cake, though, was an image of a sex act between someone and an octopus.

An octopus.

Someone had sex with an octopus. And then that person, or possibly a second person, took the photo.

I’m kind of left speechless. Who are these people who want to engage sexual acts with animals?

But, that’s not really my point here. I’ll continue with the court case.

The man accused had a defense: he has self-esteem issues. He has a mental disorder that makes him feel criticized and rejected all the time. It was also noted that he was particularly worried about his teeth. The defense was that because he felt he was never presented with normal contact, he could never explore “normal” sexual relationships.

I feel if he were caught with just the child pornography, we would be hearing about some sort of sentencing now matter how bad this dude’s teeth are.

Yet, we seem to believe him about the severity of his claim since he has in that bundle of pictures people having sex with animals.

My point is this: the man was caught with child pornography. The crime was committed right then and there.

One would think that the bestiality pictures certainly weren’t going to help his case, but they did. At the man’s sentencing July 17, he was sentenced to four months in jail and fined $1,500.

To me, this seems like two wrongs made a right for this man.

I don’t mind it if the court found that therapy would be the best option for this particular person, but soon enough will having octopus sex in your collection be able absolve you from child pornography crime?

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