Editorial: Boos and Bravos

Published On:
Friday, October 30, 2009
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Bravo to the ASU Quidditch League. The club, which recently got sponsoring from the Residence Hall Association, is giving J.K. Rowling’s classically fantastical sport an ASU twist — trading out the brooms for pitchforks. We would love the idea of bringing this magical sport to life — literally, their golden snitch is a human being — we’re just jealous of the time they have to spend on the Quidditch pitch. The players may be living in a bit of a fantasy world, but on the bright side, they’ve got an easy Halloween costume idea to fall back on.

Boo to the weather for playing with our emotions. Old Man Winter teased us this week by giving us a taste of cooler temperatures. ASU sweatshirts abounded on campus as people enjoyed the chance to bundle up, but those sweatshirts will need to be traded back in for T-shirts as Homecoming weekend promises temperatures in the 80s. We’re ready for sweater weather to stick — it’s almost November, for goodness’ sake. At least the spike in temperatures will give the fashion wonder of the ASU world — the Sun Devil T-shirt dress — a chance to make another appearance for Saturday’s football game. And on that note …

Boo to Homecoming week. A) We either have a minimal idea of what the events are, or B) Most of the events we have heard about are being pulled straight out of high school. The Polytechnic campus had dress-up days and West signed on for a tug-of-war, three-legged races and — get ready for it — a semi-formal dance. Really, ASU? If we had more emphasis on legitimate traditions, like the Lantern Walk up "A" Mountain, we could see more of the student body signing on to celebrate what could actually be “devilishly” awesome instead of “devilishly” dumb. Then again, we may just be jealous that all of ASU doesn’t have a semi-formal dance to justify dressing up.

Bravo to boos — the spooky kind. We’ve been waiting all semester to bravo boos, and now that All Hallows’ Eve is nearly here, we can really get into the Halloween spirit. So, enjoy a weekend of jack-o-lantern carving, dressing up, and while you’re at it — trick-or-treating too. If the Devilish Homecoming is going to embrace high school, we might as well go all the way back to elementary school and get some candy out of it. Just be sure you’re adequately bundled up and wear reflective tape on your costume.

Bravo to an early kickoff. The ASU football team’s Homecoming game against Cal, to be televised nationally on ABC, is set to start at 12:30 p.m. This is good for a number of reasons. First, this will give students plenty of time to parade around in ridiculous Halloween costumes and devour their favorite, um, candy. Parents will also be able to exit the stadium in time to take their kids trick-or-treating. Here’s hoping that a win for the Maroon and Gold makes the Halloween treats taste sweeter.