Editorial: Boos and Bravos

Published On:
Friday, September 11, 2009
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Bravo to the ASU football team — more specifically, its defense. We are well aware a victory over a tiny college from Idaho isn’t anything to go too nuts over, but the performance of Mike Nixon, Vontaze Burfict and the rest of the Maroon Monsters on defense was just flat out fun to watch. The only bad thing about the unit? With a bye this week, we won’t get to see the terrorizing defense take the field on Saturday.

Boo to state leadership. For the past several years, the inability for lawmakers to find common ground has slowly but surely been running Arizona into the groun ad. Even now, despite working solely on the budget since January, the Legislature has still not resolved the issue. Last Friday, Gov. Jan Brewer did sign some select budget bills, but the battle between the Legislature and the governor’s office goes on. Stalling the process with fights between same-party members is simply ridiculous. The Arizona government is not inspiring faith. When push comes to shove, it is more important to get things done for the people than it is to fight about ideology. We expect more from our elected officials.

Bravo to ASU for continuing to award scholarships to high-quality students. After the University of Texas opted to stop funding National Merit Scholars because of financial constraints, we’re happy to see that ASU has renewed its commitment to bringing the best students to the University. In fact, ASU’s commitment to awarding financial aid to as many students as possible is something to be commended. University President Michael Crow has said if students are able to do university-level work, finances should not stand in their way. Even with the straining economy, ASU is continuing to value quality students and quality education, which ultimately benefits us all.

Boo to the frenzy of publicity surrounding Joe Wilson. Yes, calling out the president as a liar in the middle of a televised speech is certainly noteworthy, but the episode overshadowed the entire point of the address: the health care debate. When Joe Wilson is Twitter’s trendiest topic, it shows how sensationalist our media culture is — and that’s unfortunate. Demonizing one politician and ignoring the issue doesn’t help the situation and only serves to distract people from getting things done.

Bravo, on that note, to health care reform. With tens of millions of Americans living without health care, the general consensus has to be that reform is necessary — no matter what side of the aisle you are on. We appreciate the president encouraging discussion and compromise. As long as lawmakers are talking the issues out, we feel as though progress will be made. Instead of shooting down opposing options, we would like to see more ideas brought to the table and a greater willingness to cooperate. Washington would do well to remember that the health of the American people is what is most important.