Bicycle delivery business brings DVDs, snacks to students

09/09/09 Devil Dash
David Schapira, state representative of District 17, which includes ASU, founded Devil Dash with his wife Rosemary.(Scott Stuk | The State Press)
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
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For ASU students, the hassle of trekking to a convenience store for anything from junk food to DVDs can be a thing of the past, thanks to, a bicycle delivery business on the Tempe campus.

Owner and state representative David Schapira, D-Tempe, who is also a political science faculty associate, said about two-thirds of business comes from students living in residence halls.

The store, which sells a wide variety of items, has seen a swift increase in business as students begin another semester.

“Our first really busy day was the Sunday before school started,” Schapira said. “It was one of our busiest nights so far.”

Schapira said’s highest order total since he and his wife Rosemary founded the company over the summer was 232 deliveries in one night.

With the help of several employees, the Schapiras deliver Sunday through Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. Devil Dash deliveries cover McClintock Drive to Priest Drive and Broadway Road to Tempe Town Lake.

DVDs are among the most popular items requested, Schapira said.
“It’s so convenient,” he said. “We’re the only company that delivers [movies in Tempe].”

Elementary education junior Jasmine Albertson said she has been happy with her service from Devil Dash.

“I wish I would have known about it earlier,” she said. “It’s the lazy college student’s dream come true.”

Albertson said the company has a decent selection of items, especially “for not having to get off the couch.” also offers a “Try or Buy” feature, which allows customers to try out a movie for $1.50 to $2.50 a day instead of paying the full price to purchase it.

The customer is allowed to keep the movie without any extra cost after having it for five days.

“There are no late fees, there are no other fees you have to pay to keep it.” Schapira said. “You own the movie, that’s it.”

The company also has a wide variety of combination packages.

These include packages of candy, health care supplies like cold medicine, late-night packs that include items like energy drinks and even a beer pong pack.

“A lot of our products are suggestion-based,” Schapira said. “I would say a third of the stuff we sell in the store is stuff that people suggested.”

Schapira calls his business an online convenience store that delivers and takes pride in the fact that the company delivers in an average of 15 to 20 minutes.

Parents are also using the online store to send items to their children who live on or near campus.

ASU parent Mignon Herr lives in Atlanta and uses the service to deliver gifts to her daughter.

“It’s a quick and easy way to send your daughter or son a few things in between the regular ‘care packages’ from home,” she said.

Herr said she wishes the company would expand their food items to include healthier snacks but still thinks it’s a great idea. also features one special sale item each day, called a “Daily Dash.”

Schapira said a lot of customers are taking advantage of the sale item, which is publicized every day through the company’s Facebook page.

The company is looking to keep business consistent as the school year progresses.

“I think Devil Dash will become a household name at ASU’s campus,” Schapira said.

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