4th state university possible

Published On:
Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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Arizona Board of Regents President Ernest Calderón said there may be plans by the state to open a fourth state university for instruction with lower tuition.

“The governor has asked the regents to come up with a new, affordable access to higher education,” Calderón said.

Calderón said because not all students want to attend a research university, which ASU, UA and NAU are classified as, a fourth option would be beneficial and could cost less.

“The cost of faculty and other resources drive the price up for tuition,” he said. “If we could come up with an instruction university of some sort, we might be in a position to charge less.”

Calderón said the instructional university would not offer the
extra-curricular activities or amenities that the three current state schools offer.

Higher-education officials have talked about the possibility of taking over a community college or opening a brand-new facility, he said.

Calderón said the governor has asked each university president to come up with different concepts, but nothing is official yet.

“We don’t have plans yet, but we do want to be in a position by
December to provide options [to the Legislature],” Calderón said.

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