My 15 minutes with fame — on the 'Wolverine' red carpet

For the past couple of weeks I have been covering the ‘Wolverine’ voting contest that determined which city would host the world premiere of the film.

Tempe won the contest and brought the film and its stars to the Cine Capri at Tempe Marketplace.

I was given the opportunity to write about the red carpet, which at first I was skeptical about because I didn’t think I would get to talk to anyone important, but was I wrong.

All of the actors from the film made their way over to the reporter’s pit.

I got to interview Lynn Collins,, Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch and my favorite, Ryan Reynolds.

The guy’s a stud and is super nice.

After finishing with me, he went on to the next reporter, who asked a very personal question about his marriage with Scarlett Johansson, to which he politely responded with a “no thanks” then went on to the next.

If you saw from the list of people I interviewed, you might notice a name missing.

Yes, Hugh Jackman.

Just when he finished his interview with the person next to me, he bolted over to the ASU cheerleaders, and then skipped over me to MTV.

Asking to squeeze in one more interview, he apologized and headed off to the theater, but I didn’t mind because I had an amazing time.