Megan Joy's Swan Song

Allison is immediately safe, which means the judges won't be using their save this week.

Come on, Anoop!

Megan got the lowest number of votes, so they're going to make her "sing for her life" — oh my gosh she caw-ed again. This is just sad.

Wow, Simon says they're not going to save her right off the bat, which is refreshingly honest.
He calls the upcoming performance her "swan song," which is hilarious for obvious reasons.

OK, I can stop hating on Megan now that she's voted off, so I'm glad she gets to go home and be with her baby, and watching her cry through the goodbye montage was sad and sweet.

Honestly, she has a decent voice, is obviously stunning and has a beautiful baby to go home to, so she'll be just fine.

See you all next week!