The Bottom Three

It looks like they're going to be eliminating one person from each of the three groups, which is good because there were strong contenders in all three groups.

Kris is safe, which is a no-brainer but still a relief.

Matt is in the Bottom Three, which sucks so bad. Wait, April Fools? What? Sometimes I hate you, Ryan Seacrest. Matt is really safe and takes a seat on the couch.

Megan is in the Bottom Three, and flaps her arms and caws like a bird on her way to the stool. No, not April Fools. She has got to go.

Lil Rounds is safe, which is completely wrong because even though she has a fantastic voice, she has picked bad songs every week and has not once lived up to her potential. As Randy said last night, this has got to stop.

Allison is in the Bottom Three, which she really doesn't deserve.

Adam is safe. Duh. He is weird but people like him.

Danny is safe, again duh.

Either Anoop or Scott is in the Bottom Three, and Anoop has a feeling it's him. He's so sweet.
It's Anoop in the Bottom Three, so I am two-for-three this week.

I will be really upset if Anoop or Allison go.

Here's hoping Megan goes caw, caw, caw — all the way home.