Devil Dish

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Thursday, March 5, 2009
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Do yourselves a favor and check out the new HBO series “Eastbound and Down.” It’s a Will Ferrell production and is quite possibly the funniest thing on television right now.

It’s the story of a fictitious major league pitcher, Kenny Powers, who once ruled the baseball world but because of a combination of cocaine, steroids and a detestable attitude, has fallen on hard times and is living back in his home town with his brother’s ultra-Christian family, trying to make it back to the bigs.

Powers, whose catch phrase is “you’re f %*&ing out,“ can be best described as a hybrid of John Rocker, Muhammad Ali and Al Bundy.

A book on tape of Powers’ auto-biography “I’m F#@$ing In, You’re F%*&ing Out: The Kenny Powers Story,” is always playing in his Ford Bronco, which has a jet ski on a trailer in tow.

The autobiography offers little tidbits like “We can smoke peace-pipes til’ your d*$@s fall off, I’m not dancing with any f$@!ing wolves,” or “fundamentals are the crutch for the talentless.”

Sunday nights at 10:30 on HBO. Check it out. If you like baseball, Will Ferrell and/or mullets, you will not be disappointed.