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Tuesday, March 3, 2009
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March on Wednesday

As you may have already heard, the Arizona Legislature recently passed a $141.5 million cut to the state university system. As a result, ASU has had to make major changes on campuses. Entire academic programs have had to be cut, employees and faculty have been forced to take furloughs, and talks of increasing tuition and creating or increasing fees have occurred for this spring.

Now, after all of this, the legislature is talking about even larger cuts to the university to take place by this summer. This obviously affects you as a student.

If these additional cuts pass, major consequences will occur on your campus, and your education will suffer as a result. Increased class sizes, loss of student programs and services, the possibility of your diploma depreciating in value after you graduate and more are all possible results of these budget cuts.

The good news is: You have the opportunity to make a difference. You can save your education and the education of your fellow Sun Devils by attending an incredible event on March 4.

This Wednesday, March 4, a massive rally will take place at the Arizona State Capitol grounds in downtown Phoenix to fight for education and to put an end to these budget cuts. Students, parents, alumni, teachers and citizens will join together at 4 p.m. to show legislators that we need to make education a priority in Arizona.

You can be a part of the effort to save education in Arizona. Every person counts in this issue. Don’t let your voice be unheard. Show up to make a difference!

Visit march4education.org for more information on the event.

Sarah Atwill