Letters to the Editor

Published On:
Thursday, February 5, 2009
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Justice gets served

(In response to Wednesday’s “Justice for All” anti-abortion display on the Tempe campus)

To “Justice for All,”

You should be embarrassed. Your disgusting fetus displays reveal your real agenda.

You’re fighting an ideological war. You don’t care if women to stop choosing abortion; the way we can all tell is that you don’t invest your energy in giving women other options.

You don’t provide access to safe, affordable birth control. In fact, you give pharmacists the right to randomly refuse to provide it. You want to withhold funding so you can gag schoolteachers who would talk about safer sex. If you wanted to prevent abortion, you’d educate people about how to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

You don’t provide child care to women in schools or at work. You won’t fund early childhood education.

You don’t want equal pay for equal work, or for employees to sue for wages lost to sex discrimination. If you wanted to prevent abortion, you’d support women who are trying to provide for their futures.

You don’t want adoptions to replace abortions — you want laws against gay partners raising children.

You think you can separate this issue from your other ideological commitments, but you can’t. You set foot on this campus not because you care about the histories and futures of our students, faculty and staff. You came here with gory images to shame and intimidate because you don’t know how to actually care. You just know how to castigate.

You don’t want women to stop choosing abortion; you want them to not have a choice. I congratulate the students who protested you today. You’re bullies, and it’s time someone stood up to you. Go home and don’t come back.

Kendall Gerdes