Undie Run may have had last lap

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Monday, February 2, 2009
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Damage to the landscape near the Fulton Center in last year’s Undie Run may mean the run won’t take place this year, event planners said.

The Undie Run is a charity event where participants donate the clothes off their backs to the Valley Christian Centers. Event-goers gather for a concert and socialize with others until a gun fires and the run begins.

Participants then run in their underwear across ASU’s Tempe campus to celebrate the last day of classes for the year, said Rubin Green, president of the Undie Run Coalition.

About 5,000 students OK part last year in the first Undie Run, and more than 6,000 articles of clothing were collected, said Max Mendoza, vice president of the coalition.

But last year’s event ended in damage to ASU property.

The Undie Run Coalition was charged $1,880 for trampled plants and damage by the runners, Green said.

The fees must be paid soon, or there won’t be a second annual Undie Run at ASU, Green said.

“We owe Student Life $480 by Feb. 15, and a payment is expected each month of the same amount until [the bill] is paid off,” Green said.

The coalition is hoping to collect donations from students this week at the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus to pay off the debt, Mendoza said.

“The run was a big event, so our hope is if [students] liked it so much, they will help us out,” Mendoza said.

He said the coalition is planning for “small contributions from large amounts of people.”

“A dollar or two from everybody [who liked the event] could really make this happen,” Mendoza said.

Chemical engineering senior Tara Collins attended the run last year.

“I would be upset if it didn’t go on again,” Collins said, “but I think people should [be] a little more respectful next time.”

Jessica Scott, a chemical engineering sophomore, agreed saying “It was a great stress reliever before finals.”

If the run happens this year, it will be an improved Undie Run, Green said.

“We want to get local businesses involved as sponsors to make it more of a community event,” he said. He said the group is also interested in getting insurance in case any damages occur and using a different route for the run.

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