Letters to the editor

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Monday, December 1, 2008
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All eyes on Obama

After reading President-elect Barack Obama’s comments about how automaker executives, who flew on their private jets to meet with Congress, are “out of touch” with reality, I had to laugh.

I hope Obama has no intention of ever riding in Air Force One or Navy One. That would just be too ironically condescending to handle. Looks like I’m going to have to invest in Schwinn before the unveiling of “Bicycle One.”

Nathaniel McGhee

Now that the election madness has passed, I’m ready to see some action from our new governmental leaders.

Over the past year, we have seen tons of new information on how global warming will impact our lives in the near future. We have seen energy prices reach record highs. We have also seen our economy take a huge downfall. I am expecting Congressman Harry Mitchell and President-elect Barack Obama to tackle these issues immediately.

Luckily, the solutions for solving the economic, energy and climate crisis are one in the same. We need to move away from our fossil fuel-based economy and increase investments in clean, renewable energies. The construction of wind turbines and solar panels will create tons of new, well-paying jobs and will in turn help out the economy.

Arizonans and the American people have voted. There is only so much we can do on our own to stop global warming and help the economy. It’s time for our leaders in government to stand up and take action.

Steven Lougher

Back off the boards

(In response to Derek Fritz’s Nov. 14 guest column, “Stop on-campus wood pushing”)

First of all, I would expect the article you wrote to be in the comic section, but upon realizing that your little hissy fit was real, I was disgusted.

If you really are so scared to walk around campus because of people longboarding, maybe you should stay in your room and take online courses instead.

Your generalization of all long boarders is not only a fallacy, but it is drastically ridiculous. My friends and I all ride long boards, and none of us has ever hit a pedestrian or sent our long boards flying through a window. Nor do we dress like that, have long hair, own necklaces or aviator sunglasses.

Instead of writing paper editorials, maybe you should look into writing dramas because you are very good at it already. Furthermore, I hope that one day, maybe a dog will leave a little surprise in the grass for you to step on.

Will Aja