Boos and bravos

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Friday, February 26, 2010
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Bravo to the ASU men’s basketball team’s victory over UA. Aside from Ty Abbott’s ... umm ... “traveling violations,” the world has been nothing but unicorns and rainbows all week for Sun Devils fans. That’s primarily because, led by Abbott’s 28 points, the Devils took out the kitty cats by a score of 73-69 last Sunday in Tucson. With the win, ASU has now beaten UA in five of its last six meetings on the hardwood. It’s a beautiful thing — like, say, a Rose Bowl appearance. Soak it in, Sun Devils … and when possible, rub it in.

Boo to Girl Scouts. Yes, we want our Thin Mints fix, but isn’t noon on a weekday an odd time for 6-year-olds to be out hawking sugar-filled treats under the supervision of their mothers? When did parents decide that selling cookies was a good excuse for missing school? Cookies were never an excuse when we wanted to get out of our spelling tests in first grade. Is the Girl Scouts organization promoting free-spirited capitalism or a crazy cookie contest to get the best prize? Either way, kids should be in school, not tempting us with Samoas.

Bravo the Olympics. Whether you’re rooting for the countries leading the medal count or the ones just happy to have a chance to compete, the Winter Games have given us a lot to cheer about. They have also, sadly, reminded us of the frailty of life; the Opening Ceremonies were dedicated to Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died on a training run. More than 80 countries sent delegations ranging from one to more than 200 athletes, and many countries made their Winter Games debut. The Closing Ceremonies will be hosted this Sunday, and though we’re sad to see the Games go, at least we’ll get to see the TV shows that have been on hiatus. But we will miss hearing John Williams’ genius Olympic theme song and opting for watching curling instead of doing homework.

Boo to tuition and fee increases. Enough said.

Bravo to March being on the way. We can’t believe how fast the semester is flying by, but other than midterms (and the Ides), March brings a lot of happy things — spring, for one, and with that, the most anticipated mid-semester vacation: spring break. Whether you use the time to go to Cabo or just to catch up on sleep, it’ll be a much-needed pause. But spring break isn’t the only thing to look forward to. Get ready for green beer on St. Patty’s Day, delicious desserts on Pi Day and March Madness. And for you, State Press fans, we’ll be launching our updated Web site this month. Let us know how you feel about March with our new comments function.