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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
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For ASU students interested in working in television, a summer internship in Los Angeles could be the perfect place to start.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation is currently accepting applications for its summer internship program. The eight-week program provides more than 40 hands-on internships in all areas of television to college and graduate students from all around the country.

Derrick Wasicki, an ASU alumnus who took part in the program in 2002, said that the internship was “very fulfilling.”

“It was a great eight weeks,” Wasicki said.

Wasicki, who chose to work in the syndication and distribution area, said that he got the best of both worlds and was able to make creative decisions in departments that his host company, then the Warner Brothers networks, put him in.

Wasicki, who was placed in between 25 and 30 different departments throughout his eight-week internship, said that on one day he would be working on marketing strategies, and the next day he could be working in the casting department for a television show.

Wasicki said that one of his favorite experiences in the program was when he had the opportunity to work in a scheduling department that decided what the best times were to air a particular television show, depending on when highest ratings would occur.

“It was a very, very interesting process,” Wasicki said.

Wasicki, who now works with Paramount Home Entertainment in Los Angeles, said the program was a stepping stone to where he is today.

Wasicki suggested that potential applicants show motivation and knowledge of the industry.

“Just go for it,” Wasicki said.

The internship program is based out of Los Angeles and requires students to work 40 hours per week. Recipients of the internship will be given a $4,000 stipend to help offset the costs of taking an unpaid internship and from being unable to hold another job during the program.

Each student will be placed at a host company, and will have the opportunity to be guided within their area of special interest.

Application submissions are being accepted until March 15.

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