New beginnings

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It’s been a disappointingly short, hot summer as always, and we here at The State Press are not all that enthused about classes starting again.

The first day of school is Aug. 25, by the way. We can’t tell you how many times that question has been yelled across the newsroom this summer, so we thought we would answer it once and for all.

From the day this paper goes to print, there will be 21 days left until school starts. We’re rooting for a sustainability malfunction to make campus uninhabitable — at least until temperatures fall below the 90s and it’s safe to be exposed to the elements while walking to and from class, but that seems unlikely.

And since Arizona is pretty much the only state in the nation immune to weather, snow days and tornado watches aren’t very likely either, so we’ll see you in that first lecture class on the 25th.

One of the greatest accomplishments of this year’s State Press summer staff was surviving the Great Basement Flood of 2008. Someone should make us T-shirts.

No, we’re not being overly dramatic; you didn’t see the gallons of dirty rainwater pouring into the hallway by our advertising department and Sun Devil Television.

It was like a scene from the second half of “Titanic” — if you ever got that far. We tend to turn it off when the boat starts sinking, because it’s all downhill from there. If you catch our drift.

Bad puns aside, the hallway was filled with water and all but two computers in the advertising department were destroyed. Epic, right?

But the biggest threat to life and limb in the Great Flood was when the door on the south side of our basement lair — which was stopping up at least three feet of water — burst, spewing brown water everywhere and causing us to make a run for higher ground.

Suffice it to say, we lived through the ordeal, though it makes a pretty good story, and we’re always looking for more anecdotes to brighten up our sometimes dark and disorienting basement newsroom.

But as our new student media adviser (Jason Manning, formerly of the Washington Post) said, the flood in the south side of student media is actually an opportunity to start fresh this fall.

Our first State Press issue comes out on the first day of school — which you all now know is Aug. 25 — and expect Editor in Chief Brian Indrelunas to make some exciting changes to the paper, including expanded coverage of the sometimes-neglected-but-no-less-important West, Polytechnic and Downtown campuses.

And keep an eye on — we’re launching a redesign of the site by the first day of school, complete with a new visual layout, SDTV video, integrated multimedia and RSS feeds to bring ASU news straight to your desktop.

As the summer winds down, despite ourselves we’re getting a little bit excited about what the fall has to offer. Sure, we’ll get less sleep and studying for hours on end isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but for those of us at The State Press — and we hope for you too — this is a new beginning.