Devil Dish

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
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If you’ve ever watched any high school sporting event, you’ve probably seen how angry the parents and fans in the crowd get.

You’ve heard them screaming at the referees, telling them to learn how to make the right calls.

You’ve probably even joined in and shouted a few things yourself.

The referees at the high school level aren’t the greatest. They miss calls and make incorrect ones.

And so I ask, does instant replay belong in high school sports?

I can see why instant replay is important in professional league sports.

When teams have to fight to get to the playoffs, a bad call really can make a difference.

If a referee calls a foul at the buzzer in a basketball game when the game is tied, it can determine the result of the game.

Think about how much longer high school sporting events would be, though, if instant replay were instated.

Every time a foul was called, teams would claim they needed to view the play again. Games would drag on.

It’s completely ridiculous to demand instant replay in a high school regular season game.

The only situation that warrants instant replay is a state championship game.

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